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i used the AGL energy coach tips and my results can be see here:

AS you will see, one of the points at the bottom left states is:

"Keep warm while cutting bills You’ll save energy when you heat only the rooms you’re actually using. So close vents in unused rooms to create zoned areas inyour home."


So my outdoor central heating unit just got serviced, they found a cracked heater exchange which is letting carbon monoxide into the house via vents. The unit is 4 years in to a 5 year warranty. However the company will not honour the warranty as the technician checked the vents in the hosue and found 3 of the 9 vents closed, he asked why i did this to which i said "i was told/recommended to shut off the vents in the unsued rooms to create a zone". He's response was, by doing this you are blocking the air flow of the unit and therefore putting extra heat load on the main fan unit and therefore caused the heater exchnage to crack, therefore its not under warranty! Quote to repair $1100 for the part and $~300 installation.


Point here is DONT listen to AGL and DONT close off your vents as it can casue heater exchange cracks or at teh very least casue to not honour a warranty.

Telling B****s that AGL recommended to close vents doesnt cut it.

Tellng AGL their advise to close vents caused the heater exchange to crack doesnt cut it.


So ive cracked it and im not under warranty either.

Tread your own path.

Stay Well,


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Talking about B****s is what you got from your suppliers.

I suggest you talk to the company again and get CONSUMER AFFAIRS involved.


Why do they have closable vents went you are not supposed to close them.


If carbon monoxide is in your system due to a failure of a cracked heat exchanger then having the vents opened would be filling the house full of CARBON MONOXIDE more.


Look in the owners manual and see what it says.


AUST consumer law I am sure covers you for the warranty period.


So don't be a D***h and stand up for your rights.


I know lots of people who have their rooms shut off.


Cheers Neil

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