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Electricity Usage & Solar Feed-In hasn't updated since 3 June

No updates to the solar usage and feed in on my account since 3rd June. Is there a problem?
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Re: Changes to data usage graphs

Agree with all of this. Providing the same features as the old site should be a priority. Particularly the ability to view by week/month/year. I prefer the side by side histograms Another option in the old site was to show the bill history. That would be good. Also, mine's only updating two or three times a week. Daily updates would be appreciated.
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Electricity Usage and Solar Feed In

I see there is a new Usage and Solar feed in display on you web site.It's good that it doesn't kick-out to a different web site.However, currently the new site lacks many of the features of the old one. In particular the ability to change the duration of the graph (i.e. to one week, one month, one year etc).Showing the graph for billing period only just makes the individual data points too small. When will the site get updated with that capability? I was on the forum where we were asked about th ...
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Re: My Usage not updated since Friday

This is the My Account service. I log in, select Usage from the menu and then "Go to Electricity and Solar Usage"
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