Drying clothes

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I find hanging my washing on the clothes line during the day is sufficient to dry it and I don't need a clothes dryer..

If its raining I hang the washing under cover on clothes airers.

I do live in Queensland where there is plenty of sunshine.

I also save money by not buying a clothes dryer.

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Hi Meg,


That is a good suggestion.


Their are quite a few more, for instance only put enough water in the kettle for what you require.


When you wash your hands only use the cold tap, when you draw water from the hot water service, the water pressure forces out the hot water, this introduced water then takes away the heat from your hot water storage tank. Most times you don't even get hot water to that tap or you waste water (and heat) waiting for the hot water to arrive.


If its a 20 to 26 degree day, do you lock up the house and turn on the AC Unit, not normally, so why do you try and cool the house to 20 on a hot day. Why not run the AC at 24-26 and save a considerable amount of money.

Cheers Neil

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Hi MEG77


Nice thinking. 


I have never owned a clothes dryer in my life. And I never will, I feel it is a totally unnecessary and a wasteful use of power as did my mother.


For century's humanity has survived by hanging clothes on a line or over a fence or off tree branches etc.

In the warmer months our clothes are dry within the hour and that is under cover, in the cooler months 4 hours usually does it for us.


And some helpful tips from @NeilC  that I never thought of IE: "Not filling Hot water Kettle's to max" I just tried that out and it heats your water up in no time. Nice one.


Kind Regards


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Hi @meg77,


Welcome to AGL Neighbourhood! 


We have some information available on how to manage your usage and other energy saving advice. You can find it on our website here.


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