Peak Event times - is it your local time?

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Hi everyone,

I've just signed up for the Peak Energy Rewards program and have just been notified by sms of a 2 hour ''Peak Event'' about to occur. 


Are the start and finish times specified in the ''Peak Event''  my local area time / my local time zone?

Eg Is it Daylight Saving time (DST) / Australian Eastern Standard Time  (AEST)


I would hate to miss out by 1 hour when Daylight savings starts later in the year


I've looked everywhere on the site and can't specifically find this information.


Perhaps AGL needs to clearly state this somewhere - in the sms would be ideal.





Super Charger
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That's a great suggestion, if it's not already added, I agree it should be included.

I deleted my message about the event, but would hope it includes 'AEST' or equivalent somewhere in the event (or in a link provided if there is one). 

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Have always wondered too, and found this in the T&C,


4.6 Each Peak Event may last 1 to 3 hours and take place on weekdays between 10am and 10pm in the local time in your State or Territory on the day of the Peak Event. We may run Peak Events on consecutive days. Depending on the location of your Supply Address, you may be offered other opportunities to opt-in to participate in Peak Events and obtain AGL Credits specific to your location or Program, which will be notified to you.