AGL solar app broken?

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I installed a new solar system few months ago, and I switched from other vendor to AGL last month.

The AGL app is showing that for a whole month (plus 1 week) I am exporting only 1.55kWh to AGL?

All my friends who have the same solar system (same vendor), showed me their usage. They are all exporting around $100 per month to AGL, not just $0.33.



Below is the screenshot from AGL account for 1 month.


and screen from mobile app




This is the solar inverter app data



As you can clearly see, my generation of solar power is 373kWh per month, not 1.55kWh per month



Below is my friend's AGL app screenshot. 







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This is a forum and not really a complaints section.

You have presented below a screen for 34 days usage.


You use an average of 15.6kw of power a day.

Only on three days did you put any power back to the grid which in total equated to 1.55kw (most of that was on one single day).


You are not showing full data for the 7th month and I estimate that it is 80% of the month, so you have generate 373Kw in 25 days or about 15kw a day.


Now you stated that your friends are getting paid $100 a month in feed-in. This equates to 15.87kw a day feed-in.


Now their feed-in is about the same that you have generated for a whole day.


I presume that you had no issues with your previous Retailer and only moved to AGL to get the 21 cent tariff and as such had no issues with the meter readings.


So with your other supplier you were getting some where around $66 in feed-in a month (14c a KW) or $48 a month (10c a KW).


As above, you are paying for using 15kw a day and  your generation is 15kw a day, so in actual fact your usage is 30kw a day.


Your friends use approximately half your usage a day (from the visual screen) and appear to feed-in more than they use per day.


Have you compared your Generation against their generation for the same period.


I would suggest that you have an issue with your solar system and that you should do a visual check to ensure that all is well, maybe even turn off the system (following the shutdown procedure) leave it off for a while then restart the system.


If you really feel that this is an issue with AGL then you should phone and speak to one of the operators.


Hope you have resolved your issues by now though and have just forgotten to update this post and resolve it.




Cheers Neil

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Hey its people like you that I have given up on the Community Pages.


Cheers Neil

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@NeilC Community is a good place to help people. And you shouldn't give up on people 🙂

I have figured it out after I received the bill of the quarter (my bill is actually half as the previous quarter). It works like this. The solar inverter app is only telling how much energy it is producing. But the smart meter works differently. If all the power you generate is consumed by yourself, you actually selling 0KW to AGL. 


AGL Community Manager
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@SunshinePete , glad to hear you got the answer you were looking for!

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@SunshinePete it is probably a good idea to get someone to have a look a ways of reducing your consumption too.   Also you can put your details into the Solar Command Check system too and see if your solar is performing properly.


Ask your friends how they have reduced their electricity usage.  We did some simple things like changing to LED lights which actually made a surprising difference to our usage.  Some of the state governments are even offering discounted energy efficient lighting programs where you can get all your old lights replaced for a total of $33. 


We only recently installed solar ourselves, I am amazed at how much difference it has made. Interestingly there have only been a few days since we have had the system installed that have we used more electricity than we have sold back to the grid.


Hope you are seeing more yellow in your app now 😄