AGL App Electricity Usage Info

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The way electricity usage data is presented in the app is as close to useless as possible. I imagine by design.

It should be graphed per 24 hour period with the average temperature flat lined on the graph.

It would also be useful if the data could be exported so it can be manipulated to extract individual data points or specific info someone may want to know.


It should also be possible to over lay days, months or years for conparison



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Hi there,


Thank you for providing your feedback on our online service.


Your feedback is valuable and we are constantly looking for ways we can improve our services and we'll consider these opportunities for future updates.


Kind regards,



AGL Community Manager
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Hi @Adoyle82 ,


Thanks for the feedback - this matches up with a few things that other customers have already requested over on our AGL App Ideas space: so feel free to vote there or make new suggestions as well.


Weather overlays is an idea we really like and have looked at in the past, but there's some challenges to implementing it at this stage.


Regarding data export specifically, you can download your usage data in CSV form by logging on to your AGL My Account page, going to the Usage tab, and clicking the download icon. You can also compare previous periods there, although you can't overlay them on the graph at this stage.