Solar power usage

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Why am I buying power from the grid and at the same time exporting power to the grid. I really need someone to explain the data I’m seeing 

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Hi there,


There are a number of reasons this could occur, however it is down to the individual system and how it is operating.


We'd love to hear more from you and help you out, we'll send you a private message.


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@Robandjac can you explain further what data you are seeing ?


From an app for the solar ? Or data from AGL ?


If you connected in a typical grid connected solar situation, and are exporting more than you are using, your solar should simply negate any usage in the home and export over and above usage being generated to the grid.


If you are producing less than what you are drawing, you will be topping off the homes needs from the grid.


With most solar system capacity now being installed, it's hard to imagine you are not producing more than you are using in any daytime situation . . . unless using high power hungry appliances, and / or it's very clouded over, rainy etc, or the panels are very badly shaded.


You don't say if your solar system is new or existing, or if this is a recent change etc, so it's hard to say what might be the casued of an incorrectly operating solar system.


If a new system, I'd be getting onto the solar installer who did the job and get them to check it out.

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Have you got Control Load 2 or any other control load which runs during the day?