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AGL App Electricity Usage Info

The way electricity usage data is presented in the app is as close to useless as possible. I imagine by design.It should be graphed per 24 hour period with the average temperature flat lined on the graph.It would also be useful if the data could be exported so it can be manipulated to extract individual data points or specific info someone may want to know. It should also be possible to over lay days, months or years for conparison
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Plan information and expiry date and notifications

I think it would be a very reasonable idea to have the plan information - charges etc that each customer is on available on the should also include specific per Kwh and Mj charges, daily supply charges, off peak rates etc.and the expiry day - perhaps with an option to be notified a month, week, day.... before the plan expires. Also I understand many people don’t understand how gas and electricity is prices and these average price estimates are provided for each plan - the reality is these ...
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