New internet with AGL is very poor.

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I am so angry with AGLs very, very poor product and service.


I switched internet providers to AGL on the back of a promise that it will be the same or better than my Optus NBN.

Ever since AGL took over we have had ‘go slows’, drop outs, connectivity issues and we are over it. (we didn’t have one issue at all with Optus over 9 months).

Now we get a dozen a day.


I cant even call to get it sorted because the wait times are over 100 minutes.


Took me 20 minutes to log on to the AGL website to log the fault because my internet connection was so slow and it kept timing out.


I'm sure it must just be a connection setting or something because we are using the exact same modem as the old Optus service and it never missed a beat.


If I can't get it sorted shortly my gas, elec and internet will all be moving.

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @jasonmillington , sorry to hear you've had such lousy performance with AGL internet so far - this definitely isn't what we'd expect to see. 

As you've noticed, our contact centres are extremely busy at the moment so we're trying hard to get wait times down. To avoid waiting around on the phone, the best option might be to use the AGL App and send us a message. Unfortunately it will likely still be a slow turn around, but you'll avoid waiting on the phone.

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Had NBN out today, speed faster, just need to hope that the line stops dropping out.

fingers crossed that the issues are solved.

AGL Community Manager
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Good to hear, hopefully it's smooth sailing from here on.

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Same! Ours has been rubbish since switching from Aussie broadband. Slow, lagging, no connection at all and the super fast for brief periods. It's all over the place. Half the time now it won't even load websites. 

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I think the problem with ours was the old Optus plan I was on had a back up 4G sim card in the router.

When we switched to AGL we had the same NBN service we always had but we no longer had the functional 4G backup to mask whenever there was downtime or latency.

We have now had the NBN issue fixed (NBN tech switched the lines in our phone socket) and it looks like our service is now stable.

It's only been a day, so lets see if that continues (fingers crossed).

Speed has now doubled and no drop outs yet 🙂 

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A 4G backup sim as I have will never ever mask a dropout as it takes a good minute to kick in and vice versa to switch back to hardline.


If you are connected to say your work server and you lose your hardline you will drop out before the modem kicks in the 4G back up sim then you will need to relog. It is not instantaneous.




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I honestly thought this was just me.

I have had nothing but dramas with this service provider,  the pathetic tiny percentage they take off your electrical bill, is no longer worth it.


Every single freaking day always hallway  through a zoom call, or email it will drop out.


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 $5000 PC and two brand-new modems and the best tactical sport can say is maybe it’s the cables turn it on turn it off have you tried unplugging it have you tried reading the complaints from customers to see that it’s something on your end when I was connected with Australian broadband I didn’t have one drop out no lag no issues but with use five days Drop out speed so slow that I can’t even open the Google page customers support 

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Same for me after switching from Telstra. Speed is good when working but websites don’t load, streaming services take longer to launch and shows buffer and lag when one ends and the next one starts. Everything is hunky-dory at their end, but it’s definitively very poor at my end. Interesting to see so many people with the same experience.