Ridiculously slow internet speed

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Since the 16th January 2024 the internet speed of my connection has been very very slow.
This is in the Griffin area within a townhouse complex.

My internet plan is a 50/20 mbps plan and off peak should achieve close to that.

This is intermittent and changes throughout the day ( 8am to 5pm) from slow to very slow, to generally just slow.
But then during peak periods 5pm or thereafter, like people return home & use internet, wi-fi, surrounding neighbors, it will be okay speeds. And then reasonable speeds at 6pm, with lag, then 8pm or peak hours it works okay for a while, really inconsistent. Does not make sense.

Attached speedtests during 10am to 11am testing in the morning "off peak" and look how slow the speed isCapture speedtest 10h15am.JPGCapture speedtest aglg site 10h50am.JPG

AGL please can you consult NBN and ensure the Griffin area has not been negatively effected with maintenance or install works done by NBN?
Specifically NBN connections into Lavender townhouse complex, street number 51.

AGL Moderator
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Hi @GriffinNBNBad

Sorry to hear about your very slow speeds! 

For help with further troubleshooting please follow the steps mentioned here: https://www.agl.com.au/help-support/internet-mobile/troubleshooting-and-outages/internet-troubleshoo... 

If this following those steps doesn't improve your internet speeds, we will need you to perform 3 separate speed tests while your nbn box is connected directly to your device via an ethernet cable, if your connection only has a modem, please connect the ethernet cable in the back of the modem straight to your device, please complete this speed tests via, https://www.speedtest.net/ and take screenshots of each of the speed tests, once you have completed this please get in contact with us by either calling us on 13 12 45 or by chatting with us through the app or website so that we can raise this to be investigated. 

Kind Regards,