Horrible Service in every way

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Has anyone else been waiting 4 months to get their internet connected? While being sent bills still? How about getting threats by their agents to pay the bills but when you mention the countless emails you have sent and that you are still waiting for months to be connected, they just hang up, and repeat. Anyone else experience that side of AGL? Because I'm about to lose my faces. Wtf is going on with this zoo

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Hi @Techsav - that's a very long time to wait for connection, and you shouldn't be receiving bills if you service hasn't been activated yet. What have you been told in your previous contact with our agents?

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waited for 10 days already here. trying to cancel it, but they say I still have to pay bill for the first month

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@Cass1 @jacjacp 




You need to contact the Telecommunications Ombudsman, it is the responsibility of the provider to provide a service.


One good thing about AGL trying to supply an internet and phone service is that the complaints on this page about electricity and gas seem to have reduced.

Cheers Neil

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At this moment, I waited for 12 days but still no Internet connection.  Are you kidding me that AGL needs 4 month to setup?  What kind of SLA it is?  😞