Fttp upgrade very slow process - no communication received

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It is now been a month since ordering a fttp upgrade.  

I have now had 5 failure of communications on status and no updates, so am posting here now. 

1. Nbn subcontractor number 1.  Rang on day of appointment and realised it was a fttp upgrade and was advised he was not the person to do it.  Someone else would come out


2. Nbn subcontractor number 2 arrives same day.  He does not locate any PCD on any external wall (I also told him this when he first arrived).  Digs a hole and refills it and leaves.  
[I have since done my own dial before you dig - from nbn maps, and it clearly shows the p20 conduit goes to the centre of the house which is why there is no external PCD.


3.  I have no further communication from anyone.  I then ring AGL a week later.  I speak to someone and No further info on connection.  An appointment is made for someone to come out.  Nobody arrives as planned and I waste my day waiting for someone.


4.  I then try messaging AGL on the messaging app.  No human responds.


5.  I then try lodging a complaint last week.  No human response yet.


It has now been a month of waiting.


Also, for those going onto home Superfast 250/25, the eero modem is an eero 5, not an eero 6+.  The eero 5 does Wifi 5 standards (802.11ac).  Only on the Ultrafast is an eero 6+ supplied.


Now I have done my own due diligence to locate the p20 conduit, I just want someone to come out again and assess what is required so it can get started at putting the pcd and ntd at an appropriate place.  At the rate this is going, it is going to be months before this is ready.


improve the comms.  It is non-existent.


AGL Community Manager
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Hi @Vedaprime sorry to hear you've had such a long wait to get your fttp service enabled. Based on your description of repeated technician callouts here it sounds like this may be an issue on the NBN Co side, but I'm sorry you haven't yet received more communication around what the delay is. You've already taken the best step at this point by putting through a complaint so it may be that we don't yet have an update to provide. If it has been a week since your last call you may wish to give support another call, but I understand your frustration with that.

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There has been some communication received  now with AGL after another follow up by me re the complaint, and it has been raised with NBN and the complaint has transferred to the AGL resolutions team.


I will update on progress here.

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Final Update: The AGL complaints process worked well once a human was assigned the case.  The AGL resolutions team - once assigned to the case - organised NBN to come out (not NBN subcontractors).  The NBN team were highly experienced and worked out a plan and executed it within 24 hours.


They installed the PCD and NTD at agreeable convenient locations.  It was the experience I should have had at the start of the process 45 days ago.

Feedback for AGL - when things go off script, it took a long time to get to someone who could make things right

Feedback re the Eero 5 - these  really shouldn’t be offered with the Superfast plan.  They are not suitable - only 802.11ac speeds which can’t do superfast speeds in real world situations, and it should be at least Eero 6 to get the 802.11ax speeds.


For the new to eero customer, it was not obvious there was going to be a hardware difference between the Superfast and Ultrafast plans unless you do a bit of digging in the terms and do some research.


I do like the eero concept, but I’ll be selling the 2 eero 5 and upgrade to at least eero 6