Peak & off peak rate for electrical bill

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Can someone help me with the peak & off peak rate for electrical Agl charge on Qld?

My bill show

Nov demand  4pm~9pm weekdays and weekends @ $0.1385

General usage at all times @ $0.2538


My friend told me her bill have

7~12am Peak

12~4       General

4pm~7am off peak 

with another energy comapny




AGL Moderator
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Hi Lena, thank you for reaching out.

The distributor in QLD, Energex, is responsible for setting the timing for peak and off peak, AGL passes on this timing structure and our costs without alteration to our customers.

I can't speak for the other energy company, as they can choose how these charges are passed on to their customers.

You can find more information about network tariffs here.

Kind regards,

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Hi, I would suggest that you look at your plan as it looks like you have a demand tariff which may not be the best plan for you.


With a demand tariff you pay a set rate for power all day but pay a loading based on your peak demand between 4 and 9 each day. This figure is calculated by your highest usage at your meter rate (which may be 5, 15 or 30 minutes) which is then adjusted to become a kWh (kilowatts per hour charge).


Say you have a meter that reports in 30 min reads and your highest reading is 3 kw then it would be multiplied by 2 to get 6kwh. So you would pay a a daily charge of 6*$0.1385 or $0.831 a day for the billing period or that month. If you get a higher daily figure then a new rate is charged.


I will also tell you that AGL has also been getting meters changed to read at 5 minute intervals. Now under that 5min say you used 1kw peak in that 5min then you kWh charge will be 1kW * 12 (to get the kwh) or 12kWh * $0.1385  or $1.662 per day.


By the way your PLAN details are available via the APP or your My Usage page on the web.

Cheers Neil

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