No information about my electricity plan is displayed in my account overview page

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In mid-October 2023, I joined AGL's electricity plan and gas plan, and my house quickly had electricity and gas connections. Up to this point, everything was satisfactory. However, there is no information about the electricity plan in my AGL account; I can only see the gas plan. In November 2023, I paid the first gas bill, but until now, which is three months later, there is still no information about my electricity plan in the account. Additionally, there are no bills visible, making it difficult for me to track my usage and budget effectively. I have contacted AGL's online customer service and phone support more than 20 times during this period, but they have been unable to provide a solution. Do I have to wait until I leave AGL to receive an exorbitant bill covering the entire usage period? I hope the AGL staff can assist in resolving this seemingly simple issue. Thank you.

AGL Moderator
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Hi @Connie6677 - thank you for reaching out.

I'm going to message you privately to request some more details.

Kind regards,