Fantastic Support Experience

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I have just had the most refreshing customer service experience in many years while having a problem resolved.

Regan from the Issue Resolution team answered my call, was able to assess my real concerns and provide me with clear useful information quickly, efficiently and most importantly.....professionally. 

I am quite cynical about Contact Centres and there ability to listen and respond to customer concerns, but Regan has demonstrated that there are "stars" in this arena.

It is difficult with volumes and service level focus by senior management to ensure that CSO's ( or any version thereof) are given the support they need to respond to every enquiry like it is the first for the day, but Regan was very customer centric and confident.  She focussed on the messages I was communicating behind the words I used, and was able to resolve these and look for solutions without being prompted.

Regan is a credit to AGL and while most of my service experiences with AGL have been favourable (and I have been a customer of AGL's for quite a few years now) this experience stands out.

Please pass on my thanks to Regan and my congratulations to those whom support her in providing outstanding customer service on behalf of your organisation.



AGL Community Manager
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Thanks so much for the great feedback Brendan, I'll make sure this gets passed along!

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I must admit, I also have found the team helpful and reliable.

Super Charger
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Thanks for sharing a positive experience.

Overall I've had fantastic experiences with AGL, but I am keenly aware how much more likely someone is to share a complaint than a compliment.

I'm sure AGL may get it wrong at times, like any company, but it's important we're aware of the times they get it right at the same time. 

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