Controlled Load - SA - New Variable Charges

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I'm in SA. I've just received a change of rates notice from AGL, which includes time zones with varying rates (Peak / Off Peak / Shoulder). Previously, my understanding was the controlled load only functioned off peak.



I have a HWS connected to controlled load. Will this now function throughout the day? If not - how is the timing managed?



I have solar. Will devices connected to controlled load consume solar power that would otherwise be exported - OR - do I simultaneously export solar on "normal" circuit, and consume grid power on controlled circuit?

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Great questions!

I wish AGL would answer these promptly. 

I am building a new home with 7.2Kw solar panels and 3 phase power (no battery for now). I too want to be able to boost HWS during daytime hours (ideally using solar) but still run off J tariff at night (off peak) so I too am seeking the best way to configure my HWS to achieve this (timers?)  Presently my builder is looking at installing a single element 315litre HWS unit.
Will share info if I receive any response from AGL. Cheers. 

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I've called customer support - landed with someone who didn't know about it - promised to call me back the next day, and I'm still waiting (2 or 3 months later). Great that they attempt to outsource customer support to us, and don't get involved when there is obviously no (reasonable) answers provided.


Electricians I have dealt with (3 or 4 different individuals) are also unsure - but are quite sure it's up to the retailer (AGL) to control via the meter.


I did get an electrician to connect a manual switch between Controlled/Standard meter - and then found the Controlled load is only Live at the "old" times (which is something like 1am - 6am). I'm guessing a bit on this - not giving up my sleep to find out!


Hi AGL - your input would be appreciated? I have a new schedule of rates which covers 24 hours for controlled load - but I don't have power available for 24 hours through my meter.

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Hi @bdog  great questions, heres some clarification, straight from our Resolutions team:


Existing cutomers with smart meters are having a like-for-like transition with your controlled load. This means your hot water system will still function as it has been previously, separate to your solar generation and general usage.


If you would like to change your hot water system to utilize the solar and peak/off peak tariffs you can have an electrician rewire your system, otherwise it will be just your general usage that changes over.

You do have the options to swap to a "solar sponge" tariff for hot water, which will give you two lots of heating through the day, and utilize excess solar in the network however will not be directly impacted by your solar.


If you would like to discuss your options, get in touch by logging in to your My Account and clicking the Message button in the bottom right.