how do i email agl to ask a question about my account?

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how do you email AGL?  I have question about my account but they have no email anymore and the stupid bot is useless

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @annoyed-tired, we don't use email  for support questions, but the Messaging feature works the same way. The bot is only there to answer common queries - if it can't help you with yours, just ask to message an agent instead.

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Well to be honest that's kind of annoying.  I ended up using the messaging feature and got an agent but it took ages as the person went back and forth. Would have been easier for me to just email and get a reply. Guess that's why I'm annoyed-tired.

Super Charger
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I've used the in-app messaging before - it's comparable to e-mail, except, you can exchange 'emails' more quickly, if you'd like. 

I'd expect any 'back and forth' to be equally or more likely present in email as it is in chat.

Good luck with your matter, and hopefully you get a good nights rest tonight. 

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