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Re: Controlled Load - SA - New Variable Charges

I've called customer support - landed with someone who didn't know about it - promised to call me back the next day, and I'm still waiting (2 or 3 months later). Great that they attempt to outsource customer support to us, and don't get involved when there is obviously no (reasonable) answers provided. Electricians I have dealt with (3 or 4 different individuals) are also unsure - but are quite sure it's up to the retailer (AGL) to control via the meter. I did get an electrician to connect a man ...
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Controlled Load - SA - New Variable Charges

I'm in SA. I've just received a change of rates notice from AGL, which includes time zones with varying rates (Peak / Off Peak / Shoulder). Previously, my understanding was the controlled load only functioned off peak. Question1:I have a HWS connected to controlled load. Will this now function throughout the day? If not - how is the timing managed? Question2:I have solar. Will devices connected to controlled load consume solar power that would otherwise be exported - OR - do I simultaneously exp ...
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