why it is so hard to request a refund?

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why it is so hard to request a refund? when I check online, it seems easy to request through live chat, spent 35 mins on live chat and been told to send email to paymnets@agl.com.au, this is not a valid email, I have tried payments@agl.com.au, no luck, just wondering how to get refund

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I have found that "Live Chat" is as useless as the proverbial's on a bull.  The only success to contact the relevant department by phone.  You then have a person to discuss the matter with the proof of your claim.  Should they require confirmation they will contact you by email, and you can forward the evidence to them.


Remember: Once you have the email address, save it to your computer, and any others from AGL who contact you.


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The methods to get a refund are documented :



Also note there is a section where you can setup automatic refund for your solar.


We do not worry about it and in July each year a cheque arrives. Its nice getting a lump sum rather than drizzles every now and then.


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