how to get contact to fix billing across 2 addrsses and credit now disapeared!

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How can i contact and get satisfaction for what appears to be a web account stuff up?

2 addresses in same account seems impossible to manage! dont say this is unusual and no one else has this problem! I am about to blow a fuse,  sick of web site not being close to actual fact.


Spent time on phone to somewhere overseas to get a credit in one address transferred to another smaller debit address but that was several days ago and the credit amount has since dissapeared and not been applied to the debit address which is still owing and payment date getting closer and closer.
Trying to use chat, which has now dissapeared from anywhere in the web page, and the "send us a message" circles around back to the opens account from where i came from,  and so i go around in circles. 

Mate i have nearly had it with AGL. It should not be this hard! Two addresses on the one account should be easy to recconcile, just make it happen please. 

AGL Moderator
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Hi @maxwelloau, we can take a look at the account for you here and see what happened with that transfer. I'll just send you a private message to get started. Thanks- Mark.

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thanks, I will check for a PM.

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PM has been sent with all information to Mark 20/1/2023 8pm.
The credit which had disappeared, has now reappeared back on the original account.
However the original purpose of ringing AGL has not been carried out.
Hoping Mark can assist me.