Need add name on my bill

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Hi. I 

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Hi TuyetLan, we don't offer accounts in joint names. If you need to add an additional name on the bill, we can add it to the care of section and this will appear under your name in the mailing address section. There would still only be the one account holder. To do this please get in touch with the team via messenger in My Account or the AGL App.

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Hi does it still work the same way now? I called but was told it was impossible

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Don't know why AGL can't add names to bills.


For instance John and Mary Smith or even Peter Smith and Mary Jones.


The council bill for the house where I reside is:

Mary Jones, Amanda Jones and David Smith. (Not the exact names).


The Electricity Bill is in Mary Jones name but I am an authorised user and not  Amanda or David.

In fact Mary does not even use the account, all emails go to me (who set up the original account).


Even in in the old days you could have a bank account in the name of "Mr John and Mary Smith"


You can have an authorised user who supposedly has the same rights as the NAMED user but any funds owed or debts have to go the NAMED user.


So if the NAMED USER passes away even the authorised used cannot request that any debits or credits be passed to them.


Instead you then have to go through the legal system to get them back..


If they have passed away and its a debit then it's AGL's loss (or is it)

Cheers Neil

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