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Re: Hot Water Gas Meter ITRON UltraMaXX HW recording higher usage

Hi All, I am having exactly same issue and sort of figured out the reading issue that AGL has for Cyclonic Meter Read VS Digital Meter Read. I strongly believe that Digital Meter read should be read as it is shown in the meter https://www.agl.com.au/help/meters-connections/how-to-read-your-gas-electricity-meter This should be read 15.59 so the reading is consistent with the cyclonic dial.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ...
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Re: Wrong gas bill (hot water)

Hi Mic1, I'm encountering the same issues.. I totally agree with that. I also have over 2 years history with AGL.. until they replace the hot gas water meter and my gas bill jumped from $60-70/q to over $450/q...
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Re: How to read Digital Hot Water Gas meter reading

Hi Kapild, Did you get this resolve? I encounter the same issues... I have over 2 years historical billing of $60-70/q until they recently changed the meter and the bills becomes $450/q.... Electricity only $150/q.. we only have 2 full time worker at home and only use gas for hot water.. Kinda ridiculous
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