Usage shows credit but I'm being billed

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I have solar and have not had a power bill higher than $30/month in 2023. But my direct debit shows me being charged most months.


For example, in August I sold more power to the grid than I bought and was in credit $19.08.

But I was billed $47.91 that month.


Can anyone explain why this might be?


thank you

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Hi Kate,


It sounds like you might be comparing electricity bought from the grid and sold to the grid, and not including the daily supply charge, which covers the cost of supplying electricity to your premises, regardless of how much electricity is used.


You can find a link to information about this here.


Kind regards,

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Thank you Xander, that is super helpful 👍🏻 Kate

Super Nova
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When I put figures into my comparison spreadsheet, the daily charge is the most significant factor and then the FiT.


The supply rates are almost insignificant as I mainly use my own power and export  far more than I use.  In my area the daily charge can be about $2 a day with GST included. Have been weighing up when it becomes viable to disconnect and go off-grid with a back up genset.


Think I have got it to break even now, with a projection for the next bill of -$0.41