AGL Electricity Bills

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Ive tried to ask before but no response at all. Why do I get multiple Electricity Bills in one day, all with different data. This is totally confusing.


I tried to attach a screen shot of this weeks 6 emails from AGL _ But - cant paste here as pdf or word doc or screen sot

I would also like to know how I get my Solar Credit paid to my bank account? 
I have asked this question but no answer after many weeks. 
So many other questions,  but I see no hope of a response. 

This is highly unsatisfacory service


RJ Petheram




AGL Community Manager
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Hi @PepsEn 


Sorry to hear you haven't received a response previously. Where have you been asking? I see that this is your first post to Neighbourhood, so welcome.


First the easy one - you can get your solar credit paid to your bank automatically by shooting us a message via your My Account page or the AGL app. 


Your issue of receiving multiple bills seems much more unusual though. I'll send you a private message to get your account details so we can look into this.