Unusual Bills

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I have a few questions about a bill and an overdue amount.


My next bill is about $140, whereas my usual bills are around $60. I also wasn't asked to provide an energy metre reading for this bill which might be why it's higher than usual. Why didn't I get the usual text reminder to provide an energy metre reading? If I provide a reading now will I receive a more accurate bill?


I also have an overdue amount of $86.64 to pay. I don't know why - I'm up to date on bills, there shouldn't be anything overdue. The same page states that my last bill was $348 which might be the source of the confusion. After an issue with my energy metre not providing an accurate reading I got a bill changed from about $350 to about $60. It seems like the overdue amount might be due to the bill change not being fully updated in the system? 

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I also faced the same issue and I have emailed AGL regarding the increased estimated electricity but no response till now. Our usual was is around $170 for 3 months , but after the new digital meter, it had raised up to $329 for the same period. I have also sent them the accurate meter reads for them to update and send me the revised bill but no response from AGL what so ever.


Any assistance from team whom to contact regarding this matter?




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Hi @Heather1701, since this is about billing enquiries, I'm just going to send you a private message so we can take a look. Thanks- Mark.

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Hi mark 

could you please also send me the details as I need help on my bill also


kind regard Sonam

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Sure, @sonam. I'll private message you as well! Cheers- Mark.

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Hi Mark

Thanks for your reply. i have replied to you in the private message. could
you please assist further.

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I too had a similar issue except my bills from the first bill in my new property were estimated for the first 3-4 bills. What does AGL base the estimate on when there is no account history to go off? My gas usage at my previous property was substantially lower than the subsequent estimated bills.

It seems like AGL is more than happy to over charge people who really can't afford it because they can always credit it back later. What they fail to understand is that paying that over billed amount can be the difference between someone eating or not during the week when they have to pay it.

It's incredibly insensitive of AGL and I feel it demonstrates just how out of touch with their customers they really are.

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Hi @APEX, welcome to neighbourhood! If the distributor has to estimate the readings they sent us, and they have gaps in the historical data, then they will base the estimated reading on averages for similar homes in the area. I can take a look at your account for you if you like. I'll just send you a private message to get started. Thanks- Mark