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Unusual Bills

I have a few questions about a bill and an overdue amount. My next bill is about $140, whereas my usual bills are around $60. I also wasn't asked to provide an energy metre reading for this bill which might be why it's higher than usual. Why didn't I get the usual text reminder to provide an energy metre reading? If I provide a reading now will I receive a more accurate bill? I also have an overdue amount of $86.64 to pay. I don't know why - I'm up to date on bills, there shouldn't be anything o ...
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Metre reading too low

The number on my metre is lower than the last number I entered to AGL (two months ago). That would seem to imply negative electricity usage, which is impossible, right? I can't enter my metre reading because the number is too small. I could've entered the number wrong last time but I double checked it to make sure I was entering it right. Could there be something wrong with my metre?
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