Residential Senior Saver plans

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I just happened to notice our Electricity plan is being killed off in March and AGL elected to put us on their 'Basic' Plan, automatically starting March 3rd. As we have been on the pension for the last nine years, you would have thought(hoped) they would have used one of the 8 Residential Seniors Saver plans, like we have been on since 2011. Or even contact us in person. Used to be customer service once. Now we are just accounts.


I have recorded all my accounts since 2011, so we have a lot of detailed history, especially of the kWh usage. We created a simple table of the last 24 months power usage, averaged into one month, as a typical months kWh usage.


A quick look at the AGL Basic Plan, using our typical month, indicates how electricity costs will increase by 346%. Yep....346% over that of the Residential Seniors - Super Saver plan we currently use.


Using one of the Residential Seniors Saver plans - single rate with LC, this cost increase is slightly less, at 299%.

Hopefully, my sums are wrong. Though trying to get any sense out of the call centre did not resolve too much. They just advised to look at the Seniors plans.

It seems AGL have no email system to ask them to look at my sheet and either "repair" it, or agree. We are not big power users. Our monthly:

T11 General Usage averages 260kWh

T33 CL averages 4.265kWh(we have a solar hot water)

FIT averages 93.7kWh, @ $0.49c...soon to be $0.44c.


Anyway, I will get a few examples worked out and place a pic of my sheet for other users to look at and tell me if and where I went wrong with my sums.



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Some information regarding the three results in the provided table.

We have a 2kw roof mounted solar system with Gov't $0.44c FIT

We receive the Qld Gov't Seniors subsidy each month.


I created a table with three plans. Hopefully, my sums are correct.

  • AGL-Residential Seniors - Super Saver plan (we are currently on)
  • AGL-Basics plan
  • AGL-Residential Seniors -Single Rate with CL

I used the data from our December-January 2023 bill to make the three plans comparable.

Currently, our bill is in credit. Usually, the bill swings between credit or debit each month, depending upon usage and FIT. It would seem our days in credit are over.


The table indicates moving from our present plan to the AGL-Residential Seniors -Single Rate with CL, is the least expensive move option, though, this still means a 309% increase in monthly costs.


From comments in this forum, the other AGL-Residential Seniors plans (Time of Use and Demand) seem very complicated (expensive) things unless you and AGL understand the myriad of rules combinations. Otherwise, your costings get out of your control.


Current Bill with 2 alternatives.JPG


AGL Moderator
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Hi @por930. I can at least answer some of your questions here regarding the switch over.

The reason you will be getting put on Basics is because that's currently the regular plan that's best for you. If a plan runs out and we no longer support those rates, we will get you onto the next best standard plan that we have. Seniors Saver is a bit different because go through a few things with you, confirm your seniors card number, etc. We send out those notifications partly to invite you to reach out to us so we can explore all of your options, such as Seniors Saver.

Since all of your rates and charges come together to make your total charge, just looking at the rate costs that bill is 27% higher on basics using those figures. Super Saver was a fixed rate product, so while industry rates have gone up, it wasn't affecting the plan for the benefit period. Unfortunately that can result in these situations where a larger adjustment happens when the plan runs out, and it can definitely come as a shock. 

I hope this helps,

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Hi, you need to review your spreadsheet.

GST is charged at 10%



So the amount should be added to your charges and then any credits should be deducted from these charges


Gee I wish us South Australians could get these rates I added a Basic Plan to yours above!.


Daily supply charge 103.60 cents/day,   General usage rates 36.54 cents/kWh and  5 cents/kWh exported (Price Includes GST if applicable)


Cheers Neil

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Hi  Neil, thanks for the reply. Some time ago, I asked AGL the same question regarding GST calculations, as my sums were the same as yours. They advised me as follows:


Balance brought forward -$426.10


     Usage and Supply Charges (all rates are GST excl.)
General usage kWh
Tariff 33 CL kWh
Daily supply days
Solar metering days
Total Charges: $67.66
FIT kWh (Qld Gov't & AGL)
Qld Gov't Rebate.(gst incl)
   Total Credits -$79.42

Total new charges and credits = (Total Charges – Total Credits) -$11.76

GST = (Total Charges – Qld Gov't Rebate $28.74) x 0.1 = $3.89 gst

Bill = -$11.76 + $3.89 = -$7.87

Account balance  -$433.97


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Thanks very much.

Hope that you get the answer you want.

I suggest you go direct to AGL about this.

These are community pages and anyone can see this thread and many more on the internet.

I have tried to help you, you want a specific answer which I (not a AGL Employee) can give you.

Good Luck

Not wasting anymore time on you.


Cheers Neil

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