Terminating Bill Smoothing

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At the moment, I am in credit over $1,500 with AGL and have decided to cease bill smoothing and return to  regular as my preferred way to run down my credit  I had investigated other options - such as reducing my monthly Bill Smoothing payments but they will only be reduced by 10%.  It is quite difficult to terminate bill smoothing - you cannot do it yourself - despite the website suggesting that there are self-serve options.  The 'self-serve' option is to contact AGL to do this for you.  The catch is that it is nigh-on impossible to get through to an operator at AGL to actually get this done.  You are kept on the phone for ages.

I used Chat to investigate further and the operator told me that there was a technical issue and the terminate bill smoothing option was currently unavailable.  This was blatantly untrue as previous posts on this forum indicated that a self-serve option to terminate bill smoothing does not exist.

I strongly recommend adding clear and unambiguous information about how people can terminate their bill smoothing arrangements - and inform Chat operators to ensure that AGL customer service people are properly informed of the restricted service. Thank you.

AGL Moderator
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Sorry you have had this experience, unfortunately you will not be able to cancel your Bill Smoothing plan through My Account. So we can assist with this and provide the relevant feedback please get in touch with our customer service team for this. 

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I’m having the same problem terminating the bill smoothing. I’ve left AGL electricity and literally have spent the past two hours trying to get through to someone.