Solar Panels. Never paid a single cent of electricity with Alinta, but switched to AGL.......

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Was reasonably happy using Alinta Energy when we moved in to our house March 2019. They occasionally forgot to send us bills, and their bills are difficult to read. But most importantly, through Winter and into Summer 2019 we produced more electricity than we used by a factor of about 2.4, finishing with a $10 Credit when we switched to AGL early December 2019. We switched to AGL because of the significantly higher Feed In Tariff (17c per KWH vs 11c).


By the way we have 13KW of panels and a 10kw Fronius Inverter. Our usage over the last year has remained pretty consistent, and we track our generation daily. For example from 2/12/2019 - 6/12/2019 we generated 82.61, 82.71, 84.41, 84.12, 83.52 KWH per day.


We are pretty electricity conscious, we don't run ducted constantly, we have a pool filter that we only run during the day time, LED lights etc, tv's switched off after use, Clothes dryer that we use for about an hour a week.


Yet according to the information provided by AGL on our first bill, we sold only 32,26,29,35,25 KWH to the grid on those 5 days referenced above but also bought 32,28,22,26,29 KWH from AGL, meaning that we actually (apparently) used 81,85,78,75,74,88 KWH PER DAY. and OVER 100kwh PER DAY some days after the above.


Remember that I never paid a single cent overall in usage in 9 months with Alinta Energy.Now I have a bill for $150 JUST FOR DECEMBER. And our average daily consumption with Alinta was around 18kwh and we regularly sold back around 2.4 times our usage. 


Of course AGL don't provide any means of monitoring it in real time. So at the moment I'm just having to gather my own data, not sure where I would send it besides the Ombudsman, because when I called the Resolution Centre, they have recently disconnected their email address apparently.


Do they offer any analysis? Investigation? Checking the meter? No idea. Talking to the Resolution Centre was like talking to a brick wall.


Incredibly frustrated and disappointed with this company.


AGL Moderator
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Hi GoldCoastSteve,


I appreciate your concern with this, I have sent you a private message so we can look into your account.


Kind Regards,