Solar feed in not matching inverter app

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I know this has been asked before, but the solution to the question does not really match my circumstances. I have recently installed a 9.24kW system and there are two people living in my house. On a good day will generate over 50kWh of energy. I understand that not all of that is exported to the grid and some of it will be used throughout the day.


Just highlighting one example, on Saturday 13th March the AGL App says that I used 23.65 kWh or power and exported 6.80kWh of power to the grid. For that same day, the SMA Sunny Portal App recorded a production of 33.547kWh. 


Taking away the exported energy, that means from solar we used 26.747kWh worth of solar energy and 23.65kWh from the grid, total use of 50.397kWh. 


Other examples include generating 52.229kWh  and apparently selling 9.80kWh and using 10.56kWh from the grid (equating to a total use of 52.989kWh).


I find it extremely hard to believe that between two people, we managed to use that much power during the day, especially not being at home for the majority of those days. I have seen another post about this issue happening on the solar savers plan and only resolving when they changed back to the standard plan. Is the solar savers plan just a scam or something?  

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Hi, I had a similar unusualy reading on my app 2 days ago.  Most other days seems pretty accurate.   Just wondering what happened when  the actual bill arrived.  Was it the same as the App prediction?