Smart meter reconfiguration charges

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  I am an Agl customer and I recently installed solar panels. I contacted Agl in regards to this and I was told that Agl will charge 165 dollars for reconfiguring already installed  smart meter, which they mentioned to me that ,it can be done remotely. So why on earth I have to pay this big money for a service which didn't even require a person to visit my premises. Also pls tell me as I enquired with other big and small energy providers about the same and they said they don't charge this kind of "Reconfiguration fees" with their customers.So my dear AGL , is this the way you are treating your customer by ripping off their money, then I understand that it's my mistake I choose AGL as my energy provider.

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Factually untrue again Jayden.

I have just been told by AGL (new connections) and confirmed by customer relations manager (complaints) that the charge for reconfiguring a smart meter is ALWAYS charged at $165 and is ALWAYS a remote operation. There is no UP TO about it.

Various OTHER reconfigurations MAY be charged differently but there is only ONE charge for solar reconfiguration.

In Vic the charges vary between $58 and $62.

AGL pease respond to this message with the facts.


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I already have a new smart meter that has all the latest firmware and can remotely be verified. I don't understand why AGL is charging a meter re-configuration fee of $165 when exergy Australia is not charging this fee.

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Simples, I've decided to move to Energy Australia, they give 17c as compared to AGL which is $11c when you upload to the grid. Also $0 charges on meter upgrade and reconfiguration. AGL is sub-contracting the meter re-configuration to PulesES, and they are passing the reconfiguration costs to the customer which is unfair and unacceptable. $165 is too much!

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Can I recommend that if you think a suppliers charges are inexplicably higher than other suppliers/retailers and disproportionate the cost of providing a service ( as I would for a remote action which can be done at a minimal cost) then contact the NSW Energy and Water Ombudsman -


The more voices they hear the more likely that AGL will be asked to explain their charges....onto it now!!

AGL Moderator
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Hi All,


To clarify how these fees work, they are known as 'pass through fees'. This means that we arrange for this service to be performed by the metering coordinator who charge AGL for the work. Subsequently, we pass this fee onto our customers.


These specific re-configurations can attract a fee of up to $165. It's important that we quote our customers with the worst case scenario to set realistic expectations in the event that the work does cost this much. Typically speaking, jobs that are completed remotely attract a far lower fee however we can't guarantee this until the work is completed.


Kind regards,


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Hello Leigh

The advice you offer that the charge can be up to $165 was NOT the advice offered by your new connection team OR by your complaints department.

I was informed that the charge is always $165 regardless of how the reconfiguration takes place - remote or otherwise. I was also informed that the reconfiguration is always performed remotely. I was informed also that my reconfiguration was performed remotely. I await with interest the charge levied. I will post the result.

Speaking with the Energy and Water Ombudsman NSW there was some surprise that AGL charge such an amount for a service which other retailers do not charge for. They will be in contact.

Again I urge others to contact the NSW Ombudsman to question the size of the charge.

The facts from AGL are inconsistent. The ombudsman has expressed interest in questioning whether such a charge is fair and justified.

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Hi Leigh 


I just rang and spoke to someone at AGL and they told me the cost to reconfigure is $70. Sounds like AGL don’t know much when it comes to this. Obviously the smart meters  aren’t that smart if you charge to push a few buttons to reconfigure it when people are trying to do the right thing and switch over to solar. Very unhappy AGL customer 

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Try getting charged $736 !  Absolutely disgusting!  Not sure how they expect to keep loyal customers charging this!!  Especially as we didnt ask them to reconfigure!!!

AGL Moderator
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Hi Elle1, so we can investigate why this has been charged please get in touch via messenger in My Account or the AGL App.