Smart meter reconfiguration charges

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  I am an Agl customer and I recently installed solar panels. I contacted Agl in regards to this and I was told that Agl will charge 165 dollars for reconfiguring already installed  smart meter, which they mentioned to me that ,it can be done remotely. So why on earth I have to pay this big money for a service which didn't even require a person to visit my premises. Also pls tell me as I enquired with other big and small energy providers about the same and they said they don't charge this kind of "Reconfiguration fees" with their customers.So my dear AGL , is this the way you are treating your customer by ripping off their money, then I understand that it's my mistake I choose AGL as my energy provider.

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Hi Arungeorge,


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To clarify how these fees work, they are known as 'pass through fees'. This means that we arrange for this service to be performed by the metering coordinator who charge AGL for the work. Subsequently, we pass this fee onto our customers.


These specific re-configurations can attract a fee of up to $165. It's important that we quote our customers with the worst case scenario to set realistic expectations in the event that the work does cost this much. Typically speaking, jobs that are completed remotely attract a far lower fee however we can't guarantee this until the work is completed.


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They are telling the $165 charge as well. I just wanted to know if you ended up paying $165 or far less?


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Hi, sorry for the late reply, as I was waiting for my quarterly bill. So far there was no fees been charged on my account.So its all good. But will update if they charge me in future.

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Hi There,


Same thing happened to me today, received a message 165 dollars will be charged and charges will appear in your bill. I have been AGL for ever. I was wondering if these charges are for being loyal to AGL. There is no charge by Energy Australia, a friend of mine has done same thing.


I am with AGL even other are giving more discount than them. I am seriously thinking of changing my provider now. My loyalty ended today. 

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Same story. Paid a fortune to get smart meter and solar to be put on only to be told by AGL  $165 reconfiguration fee which my solar installer said had never heard of?

this was after a **bleep** up with the registration for the solar because my installer registered with my nickname instead of my real name. So we lost months worth of feed in payments before we realized. 

Not happy with AGL to say the least. 😠

I estimate if the fee is $165 we will be out of pocket at least $400. 

This is the thanks you get for investing in green energy and trying to reduce your power bills. Thanks AGL.

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I haven't been charged so far. I sent them an email saying that I wouldn't be paying because it wasn't justified. No reply and no charge.

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Hi Jaydeny.

Allowing a third party to perform a service on behalf of AGL which has a large variability in the amount of input and subsequent charge to the customer appears to be foolish in the extreme. AGL absolves itself of any responsibility for the service or charge. Third party gets to nominate the level of service and subsequent charge applied. Customer gets hit with the charge with the charging agent (AGL) taking no responsibilty for the size of the charge. Third party (who operates to collect as much revenue as possible) has absolute incentive to charge towards the upper end of the pricing range. Customer is left 2 degrees separated from the process and unable to ask supplier  (AGL) to be accountable.

Energy ombudsman need to look at this one....

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Hi Jayden


I have been making some enquiries and I believe that the information you have given MAY be factually wrong. Having spoken to Endeavour Energy (my local electricity distributor) I have had email confirmation that the retailer is responsible for all aspects of meter supply and subsequent management. Further I have been informed by AGL personell that a company is subcontracted by AGL to perform tasks such as meter reconguration - Plus.Es - tel : 1300377118

So AGL retains responsibility for this process despite subcontracting the service out. More transparency re: charging and responsibility is required here. Kicking the can over to distributors is not an appropriate response to customers querying the appropriateness of this charge,

Nothing personal.... just trying to help with clarification.

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I thought some of those reconfiguration charges you all have been charged are a bit unfair, but now I have a gripe of my own. I had my meter moved to a different location on my house. $919.89 to 'meter test reconfigure' on my latest bill - unbelievable. At least now I understand what the 'smart meters' are for - they create opportunities to charge customers outrageous fees. Another unhappy customer, AGL.