Refusal to refund charges for no gas consumption

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How can we persuade AGL to refund 20 months of billing since we disconnected our one gas appliance in Feb 2019. Repeated attempts to close account and receive refund not working despite their meter readers confirming there is no gas consumption. Thousands of dollars ripped off. Why the scam.


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Hi davinaj! 

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We'll certainly need to investigate your account with you, we won't be able to do this over AGL Community, please Contact Us and we'll have a look to see what we've done for you so far. 


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This is staggering! After canceling our gas account we have now received a final bill, with yet another fee being charged for no use of gas since February 2019. There has been no response by AGL to arrange the refund we have requested since August 2019. All our attempts to contact AGL by phone, chat, this forum, and email have been thwarted. Why is this company so diabolical in its customer service and fraudulent in its charges?? These fees are invented!



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Hi @davinaj , Sorry to hear you've had an unpleasant surprise with your bill.

I can't check your account from here, but even with no gas appliances being used there would still be a fixed supply charge for the connection - this is the charge for supplying gas to the address regardless of how much gas is being used. It would apply up until you requested cancellation and disconnection of the service.


For more info, check out What is a supply charge? or the Australian Energy Regulator's page on Tariffs and fees.


If you get in touch with customer service via phone or chat, our agents will be able to help investigate and explain any charges on  your account. You can also log in to your account and check out your full billing history, or click "Message Us" to get in touch with any questions. 

Finally, if you're still unhappy with the response you get from those options, you can submit a complaint here.