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Re: Refusal to refund charges for no gas consumption

This is staggering! After canceling our gas account we have now received a final bill, with yet another fee being charged for no use of gas since February 2019. There has been no response by AGL to arrange the refund we have requested since August 2019. All our attempts to contact AGL by phone, chat, this forum, and email have been thwarted. Why is this company so diabolical in its customer service and fraudulent in its charges?? These fees are invented!
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Refusal to refund charges for no gas consumption

How can we persuade AGL to refund 20 months of billing since we disconnected our one gas appliance in Feb 2019. Repeated attempts to close account and receive refund not working despite their meter readers confirming there is no gas consumption. Thousands of dollars ripped off. Why the scam.
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