To increase dramatically my new apartment's usage

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Hello Dear, I hope you are well.  
I had received my first two bills for electricity and gas in my new home. Thank you for sending this. 
I am not sure to accept those bills. My last accounts were charged with two bedroom and two bathrooms apartment. We live in a flat with one bedroom, and one bathroom is smaller than the previous apartment. But, I have received bills that are shown very high usage. I had been paid an average of $35 for gas, and $65 for electricity per month with a bigger flat than the current one. 
I attached the history of bills in my last flat's usages, so would you check it for me? 
If in your service will charge more than my last usage, I need to think to change my supplier. 
AGL Moderator
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Hi Luzii, welcome to AGL Neighbourhood! 


There can be different factors that cause your bills to come higher than expected, I've sent you a private message so we can check this out together!