Pay on time discount with new plans

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Are there pay on time discounts with the new plans e.g. Essentials Plus?  I cannot see anything about that.



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Hi AlanDunn, 


Thats a great question! 


The discount structure of the Essentials Savers compared to the Smart Saver (7%) are different and so to go onto Essentials Savers you have to accept the new terms and conditions. 


This is so you are aware that you are going from a % discount to a rate based savings. 


Thank you. 



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I'll put it into dollars for you and everyone else to read.


Smart Saver: $360.56

Essential Saver: $337.24

My Current Plan: $315.46.


So your best plan is a greater than  6.9% increase above my current plan.  Ask your CEO if he'd support a 7% across the board pay rise for all workers and see how far you get.


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Hi AlanDunn, 


I understand your concern there. If you would like to discuss the specifics of your account, we are happy to do so but will need to speak with your here for your privacy. 


Thank you 


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So does this mean I have been lied to? Bit confused as I am still currently getting 30%. So does this mean it will eventually end? (Bit of a back story, bare with me). Been an AGL customer for many many years. Originally on the 12% discount plan. A few years back Alinta came knocking and offering 25%. After listening to their sales pitch I went inside and did a quick call to AGL. Asked if AGL could do better. Not only did I discover my discount was lowered to 7% but I couldn't be offered a better discount. So it was hello Alinta, goodbye AGL. WELL! In 3 weeks the letters came, the phone calls started. From AGL wanting me back as a customer. Constant overseas call centres offering discounts of 15% then 18% then 25%. I said make it 30% and got yourself a deal. They came back with 26%. I said 30 or no Deal... Unsure of exact time frame but several weeks later from not a overseas call centre but a real life Australia (rare as in my experience). And right off the bat was offered straight up 30% discount. Shocked it was actually offered and I had doubts. Asked, how long is the offer for? Told, will always be in place! I asked, what if Alinta or Origin or another company up there discount to a higher discount? Told, they will constantly match the discount. Then I asked, will I ever lose the 30% discount like I did with the 12% when it dropped to 7%. Promised, never will. 


So you see I am confused. Read by someone the 30% will no longer be in place as of June 2020 and when I came here to see if true, I see no discounts have been offered in a while. So because I am still currently getting the discount, the no discount offer must be for new customers..?? .. And is there an expiry date on a discount I was promised will stay? 



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Hi Janemd,


Once your plan comes to an end this offer would no longer be available, there were regulation changes that took place in July 2019 that changed the plans that we provide, you can view more information about the changes here. Our discount plans have a set term and this is set out in the terms and conditions that would have been sent to you, if you were advised this offer would continue beyond the expiry date this should not have occurred, as we are unable to guarantee the offer would continue beyond the set contract dates, if you would like to discuss further please get in touch here.


Kind Regards,


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These plans put us worse off by a couple hundred dollars a year! Even when compared with the increased rates of no plan! We will be looking elsewhere. We are a 2A 1C household using between 1-2 People worth of energy according to our bills and it will cost us way more once we lose our Pay on Time discount. Very unsatisfied. The reference prices when comparing plans are rubbish as well. I calculated, by hand, based on usage from our recent bill and we are so much better off with the Pay on Time discount vs plans.

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I have been an AGL customer for over 10 years, on the same plan with the pay on time discount.

I just got a letter from AGL to say my plan is finished, and I am on a new plan without a POT discount.  For me, with a power bill of over $6k per year, it would be a massive difference losing the 20% discount.


Unfortunately, i just spent money and put a big solar system on my roof, doing the calcuations of buying power for 30c, (24c after pay on time discount) , and getting a 21c Feed In Tariff.  I figured i wouldn't get batteries, because with the discount, and assuming i am generating my daily use every day, i'm only paying 3c per kwH overnight, so batteries were not worth it.  


Without the POT discount, and on the new "Solar Savers" plan, this changes dramatically, with the 3c gap increasing to 10c per kwH overnight.   (Pay 31c, Receive 21c)  .  Suddenly, a Tesla powerwall might be worthwhile, although i believe there's a much better deal to be had with rates and FIT than AGL now.


Not happy at all, and since i hadn't actually signed up to the new AGL plan yet, since my new meter isn't even installed, I will definitely be shopping for a better deal than that AGL one.  Failing that, i guess there's always a Tesla Powerwall or go off grid to numb the pain.



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Hi cableguy, we no longer offer new plans with pay on time discounts sorry. The pay on time discount would not have been applicable with the Solar Savers Plan as this is a separate offer, if you remained on the pay on time discount plan you would have received the standard feed in tariff in NSW which is 10.2 cents per kWh. The rates per kWh are also different under the Solar Savers Plan, you can view the rates by visiting For assistance reviewing and comparing our current plans please get in touch with the team directly here.

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I am worse off without my pay on time discount ! So unfair when I have been a good costumer!

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HI Khmk, 


Thanks for being apart of the AGL Community.


We do not have pay on time discounts anymore, after receiving feedback from out customers. Our plans now have a low rate, are easier to calculate and are much more transparent. You can find our best offers online by visiting