Monthly billing

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I would like to tell a human that this latest idea of monthly billing is objectionable. It is just a way to force you to go to direct debit  because of the inconvenience it causes . With direct debit, people are less likely to question their bills. And I know from friends and family just how many mistakes are regularly made in billing .
AGL - don’t try and couch this change as a benefit for the customer. It is purely for your profits

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I think you know that you can opt out of monthly billing, via your account setting in the app or the AGL website.

Yes, one shouldn't have to opt out, but be invited to opt in.


I posted this when I received notification of this a couple of weeks ago . . . 

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I love monthly billing, makes it easier to budget, and you should be checking your account regularly anyway!

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@COPTOTERMES do you have the option to pay on receiving a bill, or do you have to direct debit ?


I think you can just get a monthly bill and pay on that, rather than have automatic deductions, but the original poster was concerned many might be tempted into direct debit for convenience then, and sometimes there are erroneous bill calculations, where you are at the mercy of the retailer to remove funds that are probably needed for other living expenses.

Then having to go through a drawn out process to get the matter rectified / refunded.


There is a benefit of monthly for some customers, but for others quarterly is just less work with 4 payments a year instead of 12.


I'd like monthly in one way, I'm working on a spreadsheet for TOU data to accurately check my own bills, and it means calculation on spreadsheet inputs of about 11520 lines instead of 34560 lines.

At the moment in my spare time, I'm trying to work through formulas to assist in this, but the data is pretty spread through the 48 time blocks a day, and with 8 different units to separate it is not easy (no spreadsheet wizard am I, ha ha).

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Hi Manuela,


Thank you for reaching out.


We can appreciate that monthly billing may not be suitable for everyone and we would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.


Monthly billing is absolutely optional and if you do wish to opt out, you can do so via the AGL app or my account platform.


Kind regards,



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Thanks Megan.
Maybe the wording of the email telling customers that there would be a change to monthly billing could be amended to reflect that it is in fact optional. It would be handy to provide information on how to restore the quarterly billing.
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Hi Manuela, You can change your billing frequency through AGL My account. Once you log into your account go to account settings then billing frequency and edit it to what you prefer, it is below the direct debit settings.


Cheers, Deepesh