I need to speak to an AGL representative

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I am Graham and I am a support person for my brother who does not knowhow to use a computer, so I need to arrange direct debit of his accounts, but there is no person to speak to at AGL, so somehow I need to speak to a person at AGL.

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Hello Graham,

No sure why you can't talk to someone representing AGL . . . I have called them several times in the past months, and although wait times can be a bit prolonged by phone, it doesn't seem as painful as other businesses that operate automated / call type centres. 


The number is 131245, or you can try Chat via the website contact page, I have used this and just do something on the computer to keep me busy for a short wait . . . https://www.agl.com.au/help-support/contact-us click on Chat.


I see on the AGL site, when logged into the relative account, you have the option in Wallet to add a payment method.

It's very likely direct debit is possible to set up here too.



You might have to set up the AGL account and login etc for your brother.


Good luck with it however you decide to go about it.