Seniors Business Discount Card

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Hi, I have been trying to find an email contact to enquire about a discounted package/rate relevant to a Seniors Business Discount card.  Can anyone assist?

Super Nova
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Seniors Business Discount Card ?

Can you confirm what you are asking ?


You can get a Seniors card in most states of Australia, you don't say where you are.

Here in SA, we have a Seniors card, issued by the SA GOVCO, AGL (and other businesses here) offer a VERY SLIGHT discount on products / services, I find often not worth the trouble, or you can get a better deal just by asking.


Eg. here the AGL Senior Savers plan is same as Value savers, except you gt a one of $25 sign up rebate to change.

Not much incentive or point.


Discounts might be higher is some states, here is the EME (Energy Made Easy) link to the rates for postcode 5000, you might be able to change the postcode to your area, or go through the process on the EME site . . .


Now AGL don't list this on their own site to make it easy to find 😕

You have to go through the process of address entry and look through there to see what's available in your address, postcode.


This site might not allow links, in which case the above links won't be working, so you might have to google for the links, or an AGL rep might at least reply here for you to get info from.


Good luck, I found a better plan for us via AGL, most of their plan rates, and other retailers, are pretty much exactly the same (great competition, hey ?).