Hardly anything ever works in your stupid Myaccount

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I honestly don't know why you people bother turning up every day because NOTHING EVER GETS FIXED, YOU JUST BREAK FUNCTIONALITY AND DO NOTHING ABOUT IT.

Can't set up payment method online, can't set up direct debit online, haven't been able to see my usage online since the middle of last year and reporting it on this board and to escalations management does nothing.

Cynical money grabbers who do nothing to help customers...it's all about the lining your own pockets and spending nothing on your completely inept overseas IT department. I hate AGL.


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...and please don't bother with your usual patronsing empty advice.

"we are working on it and expect functionality to be restored in the near future"...means nothing and you know it.

"please call our customer service team who will be more than happy to deal with your request"....yeah right I spend half my life on the phone to your customer service team who specialise in empty promises, time wasting and an ability to treat customers as half-witted imbeciles. The whole point of having an online account service is that you can avoid being mistreated by your staff and do the thing without being given empty promises for actions not done.

15 years with you people and nothing has improved. You just don't care. You will say anything just to get rid of customers who contact you.

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Just called customer service in the Phillipines and they aren't able to set up direct debits or add payment methods to the account. Why does that call centre even exist? they seem to be unable to do anything whatsoever. So I have to make yet another call to escalations in Australia tomorrow because of course as a money saving excercise they have limited opening hours because AGL doesn't have massive profits every year to spend on staff who can actually do anything useful after 5pm. I simply can't wait for another toruous patronsing experience with the centre of the universe for being talked down to and empty promises.

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Spoke to resolutions and was told I had to set up PayPal payments in my
AGL account. When I tried to tell him for the 3rd time that I had already told him that I can't set up any payment method in my account he did the usual AGL trick of trying to drown me out from talking by speaking loudly over me. He then put the phone down on me. Called back and the woman said "I am going to talk now because you have said that a million times". I terminated the call.

AGL Moderator
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Hi MF1,


I'm really sorry you have been having these ongoing issue. This is certainly not what we want to to occur. If you can please get in touch via private message with your account details, we can have this matter escalated for you.





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Escalated to the escalations department who have already told me there is nothing they can do.

This excrutiating circus of passing  your customers round and round when in reality the only people who should be able to fix all these issues are you completely stupid overseas IT department. Who never follow up with anything, who are uncontactable by your own managers and who hold your customers and staff to ransom through their unrelenting ineptitude. The rudeness and lies from your 'escalations' department is just the icing on the cake of AGL's supreme and persistent contempt for it's customers.