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How do I sign up for GreenPower? Roughly how much Extra will it cost A family of 5? Thanks

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I am looking for an answer to this question too. seeing that nobody, even AGL, replied and help on the website sent me here... i guess I will call AGL up.

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Hi Ericl, you can find the information regarding green power here. To view the pricing for green power you need to select your plan and then select the energy fact sheet to view the details. You can make the change to this by getting in touch via Messenger in My Account or the AGL App. 

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Thanks Steve. I have since called AGL and had 100% GreenPower added to my account. I was told that this would be added and an email & pack sent to me. What actually happened was that my essentials plan was cancelled and replaced with an essentials plan. That was an unexpected outcome!

I have since been in contact with AGL and told that I don't get a confirmation that I've signed up to 100& GreenPower, it just appears on my next bill!


They have since sent me a confirmation that I have Green energy on your Essentials plan.

Is Green Energy the same product to 100% GreenPower?

They said they will get back to me regarding who runs the product and its full terms and conditions.


The fact sheet you refer to is in no way a fact sheet. I enter details 2 or 3 times and get shunted off to a 3rd party website. The GreenPower details are then only viewable if I expand via an on screen button.

I am hoping to get details of the plan I signed up for soon...


I have since found this...


National GreenPower Accreditation Program: Program Rules Version 10.1 2019

"4.4 Provision of Information to Customers
Each GreenPower Provider wishing to use a GreenPower logo, or claim GreenPower accreditation for any of their electricity products agrees to provide all GreenPower Customers, during customer subscription and
agreement fulfilment period, with contract pricing and terms and conditions written in clear, simple and easily understood terms."


I am hoping I get get details of exactly what I have signed up for.

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It seems AGL go out of their way to dissuade anyone from actually signing up to Greenpower. 


The website has no option to just check a box and sign up for it - AGL could do that VERY easily. 


I called them on two seperate occasions months apart about it.

The Indians at their overseas call centre had never heard of it. I gave up in frustration. 


Finally I used the chat function on here - spent AN HOUR trying to get hooked up to Greenpower. In the end the guy changed my plan, but I have zero confirmation Greenpower has been activated. 


I think this type of behaviour needs to be called out by customers, and punished by the energy regulator. They advertise Greenpower as an option, for the PR - but refuse to actually deliver it. 


Incredibly poor. 

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It may be a better way, if possible, to implement your own Green Solution. This way your own power is renewable and you will actually be supplying it to others. Having done this for about a decade now my system has paid for itself and I have hardly used any grid power in that time. My Import to Export ration is close to 1:10 but the connection fees still get me.


This may not not be available in some locations or if your are renting.