**bleep** AGL

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Why the **bleep** are you ripping me off???

Super Charger
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A logical and well reasoned case you present. I am sure you will make a huge difference by taking the time to express your views so succinctly.

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Let's see, you got your last bill, you ignored the email you got telling you that your bill was changing.


Since July 2023 all the news channels were stating that rates were increasing by up to 50%, its now December (ONLY SEVEN DAYS TILL SANTA COMES DOWN YOUR CHIMNEY) and you are complaining.


This site is basically a BLOG, as a member, any member can reply, similarly any member can choose to ignore you.


If you have a complaint with AGL you should take the time to actually complain to AGL rather than making an assumption that you will receive a reply.


Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Cheers Neil

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