Gas Billing complaint

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Hi, my gas billing expected amount is very high this month. Last month when there are 5 people in my house the billing amount was $97 but 3 of them left the house and now we are only two in the house instead of decreasing the bill amount it is nearly twice than the previous bill. Where should I file a complaint about this? 

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Hi Sam1990! 


Welcome to AGL Community! 


High gas bills can be very stressful, good news is there are a few things you can check yourself to see what is happening. 


First thing we recommend is checking the meter reading on your meter and confirming it is in line with the "End Read" on your invoice, if that is not the case, contact us and we can review the bill. 


Monthly billing can cause a discrepancy if the last bill was an estimate as this may be a catch up bill for the gas that had not been settled, to avoid this you can provide meter reading through your app or online account every month and we will use those to bill you. 


Thank you 


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I haven’t received my Gas bill yet? I think it’s due today 23rd but I haven’t received it yet?

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Hi @Clarkey55 , an easy way to check when your next bill is due is to log in to your AGL My Account page, or check on the AGL app.