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Story Short - 2 people,  2 bedroom unit . With a staggering $350 Bill Quarterly. 


We don't have A/C , we don't have a washing machine,  we don't use the heater at all. We use a table lamp and on/off lounge light and kitchen light. A microwave a kettle fridge and tv are the only other eletricals plugged in running 24/7. 


PROBLEM STARTED ( YEAR 1 ) - We have been living here 2 years now. First year the bathroom floor started to gain heat slowly getting warmer and warmer every few weeks . The warmth then moved from the bathroom floor to entering almost half way down the hallway...


( YEAR 2 ) Awhile after Plumbers came and fixed what ended up being a leaking hot water pipe. The heated floor subsided. 


PROBLEM STILL CONTINUES ... The electricity Bill is still at an all time high EVEN after the leaking pipe had been fixed. Hot water system hasn't been checked.. 


Can the hot water really be the source of all my grief ?


Because apparently the bill is telling me I'm using the consumption of Like 4 - 6 people within the home. 





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Hi Imprezzza,


If you think the cause is the hot water system, I would suggest taking a meter read and then turning the hot water system off for 24 hours, take another meter read before turning this back on to identify how much power has been used.


For further assistance with this matter please click here and for tips to help you save on your bills please click here.

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I guess I'll give it a try. I'll get back to you. Thanks !

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So we just got our Dec-March electricity bill and it is $2,241.88.  Our bills continually get higher and higher and it's sending us broke.  We have a three bedroom home, gas cooking and water and nothing extra besides your average home, TV, fridge, washing machine, computers.  We spoke to AGL who were going to send someone out to look at the meter however if they find that it is faulty then we have to pay over $600.  Can anyone give advice because we are at an absolute loss!.  We spent last winter freezing because we were too scared to have heating but obviously this doesn't matter as it was higher in summer than it has ever been and without air-con.

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Hi Ocky! 

Welcome to AGL Community! 

There's certainly a few things that you would want to check to see why you usage may be high. You can view your usage history on your AGL My Account here where you can enter your own meter readings to keep track on your usage. We also have more information on our website here on how you can reduce your usage and check your appliances. 


Kind regards,