Energy rates increasing without any notification

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Just checking with others, my single variable electricity rate in Qld has gone up again in the background.  I looked at last bill and it was $0.304, and in the app for this month its gone up to $0.340.  No email to let me know the price changed.  I know its variable, but when looking at plans on the AGL website it says we will let you know when things change.  I get their emails since I get the bills fine 🙂

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I've been getting emailed bills for years now, and as such with recent changes to plan tariffs in South Oz, I have always received an email to advise increases, with old rates and new rates listed clearly near each other.

Not sure if / why AGL would do that differently in QLD.


You are VERY lucky to be on 34c, here in SA it is 43.51c for a standard value saver deal single tariff, and just under $1.0226 supply charge a day.


My brother lives NQ and only has one supplier available, and he's on 33c (might have gone up recently, not sure), go figure how that works with no competition there like we supposedly have.



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Hi Dave, I have found this exact same thing. I have had 3 rate rises over that past year without even one notification.

From 23.3 cents now up to 36.9 cents.  I am going to ring them and see how I go. My plan definitely says that I will receive notification of any price changes before they happen. I will post if I get any news.

AGL Moderator
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Hi DaveM,


Thank you for reaching out.


We are concerned to hear that you didn't receive your price change notification letter/email.


If you are currently receiving your bills via email there should be no reason the price change notifications aren't reaching you as well.


We would suggest to check your safe senders list and your junk/spam folder. 


If you aren't able to locate the notification, please let us know as we can always re-send you a copy.


Kind regards,