Electricity pricing from 1/7/23

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I have just received the new electricity rates that take effect from July 1 and I am absolutely alarmed at the increase!  This, in my opinion is nothing short of “highway robbery”.  I would like someone to contact me with regard to negotiating a better rate.

I look forward to your response.


Warren Hanley

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Supplier is AGL.


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Thanks. What State are you in? Which provider did your switch to? The issue is Solar feed in tariff rate.

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Origin Go Variable
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NSW. No solar feed-in.
AGL Moderator
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Hi there. I absolutely appreciate that the price adjustments have been a shock and hit people hard. These changes are based on factors including wholesale prices, network changes and market conditions. For a more detailed explanation, please check our website here. As Olgi's mentioned earlier, we're more than happy to take a look at your plan and make sure you're on the best one for your circumstances! You can reach out to us all through here


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Hello Mark, the price increases are a huge cost impost to our budget.

Despite the reasons for the increase given on your website it is hard to accept a 36% increase in my price of power when AGL is forecasting a profit of at least double next year- AGL is just gouging!

You might also explain why I am paying a supply charge- you can't have me as a paying customer unless you supply me can you? Therefore the supply charge is rightly your cost not mine. Another gouge- I really do not know how you can get away with this.

How do you justify a 12% increase in the supply charge? Exactly what are you doing to supply my power on July 1 that you were not doing on June 30 that justifies an increase?

You really have a lot of explaining to do!

Colin Gaetjens

Postal: PO Box 146, Kent Town SA 5071
M. +61 408 825 804
E. cgaetjens@gpvaluers.com.au
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Hello Mark,


Do I have a black mark against my name.


Logged into My Account 2 hours ago. AGL Change Plan screen locked up.


Closed and reloaded Safari. Signed out and back into My Account. Same result 


Restarted iMac etc same result 


Clicked on AGL chat, after negotiating my way through the automated maze I was told to wait. That was more than 30 minutes ago

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Now more than 90 minutes.



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After 2 hours and 15 minutes I had a sort of response but then AGL rep disappeared from online chat. He asked a couple of questions (life support, concession) . I answered straight away, now waiting more than 20 minutes for a response 

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Nearly 5 hours since I tried to recontract electricity!!!