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Re: Pension Concession

Since my message of 12 July I have made progress. Had a WebChat with Resolution Team on Monday who understood the issue. Also had a call from AGL on Monday. My Winter Gas Concession is now in place and I have been given a credit. Incorrect bills have been credited and reissued with the Concession applied. AGL offered to refund the credit amount but I chose to leave it on the account as my next bill is due in 3 weeks. Thanks AGL
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Pension Concession

I received Pension Concession last year. Notified AGL of details October 2019. Had Electricity with AGL since 2000 and Gas with AGL since 2001. Unfortunately as I have separate account numbers AGL systems won’t process Gas concession. AGL kindly offered to put up my gas price by 15% summer and winter so I can get concession in winter. Amy other customers with same issue?
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