Double charged on provider change over date

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On the 29/8 I got a confirmation text saying that my electricity transfer is scheduled for the 4/9 then on that day I got a text saying Reminder your electricity connection will take place in the next 5 days then on the 5/9 I got a text saying-your electricity transfer has been completed. I can still access my account with my previous supplier and it shows the last day they charged me for electricity was on the 4/9 so I called them ( they answer the phone there) and they said that the reason for that is they were notified by AGL on the 4/9 but the transfer wasn’t actually completed that day but the next day(5/9). When I signed into my AGL account they have started to charge me for electricity on the 4/9 so I have both electricity companies billing me for the same day! Now I have not yet received my final bill from the previous supplier and it will be interesting to see the end date for the bill and I hope that it doesn’t say the 4/9 like it does on my account with them or someone will get in trouble as I’m sure double billing is against consumer law. I posted this here as trying to get through to someone at the call centre is next to impossible!😑

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Hi @Kazza69, Thank you for taking the time to get in touch with us. 


We apologize for the confusion and any inconvenience caused. 


It is a rare scenario for two energy providers to be billing the same property address, however, we do have measures in place to investigate and rectify this for you. 


I'll send you a private message so we can get some details from you and assist further. 


Kind Regards,