Digital meter - Estimated read since July 2019

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We;ve had a digital meter for some time and July 2019 had to have some maintenance performed as the controlled load circuit stopped working.

A technician came out and performed some work, however the meter stopped automatically updating and ever since we have had estimated readings.

now we've had additional solar put onto the house 5kW in addition to the existing 1.6kW system.


I sent an application into AGLo for alterations to the meter to ensure this new system is metered correctly.

the response I received from AGl was 


"Please be advised that you already have a solar smart meter on site. For additional panels please contact Ausgrid, to update the information regarding the additional panels".
so does this mean my new system is already metered?
Who do i call to fix the meter which is faulty because it does not automatically update?
At this point I want to just leave AGL as ever since my power has been with them, it's been one stuff up after the next and each person i speak to just passes the buck and doesnt actually resolve any issues.


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Hi Ed74mnd! 

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I'm sorry to hear that you haven't gotten the information you're after, you'll definitely need to speak with our Solar team and they'll be able to confirm those details for you. You can get in touch with them directly on 1800 680 430 or email them at We'll also need to have your meter checked to see why you're receiving estimated meter readings.  


Your meter would have been initially configured for your first solar system, you may need to get in touch with Ausgrid on 131 365 and they'll advise what requirements they have for an additional system.  


Kind regards, 



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hang on...


im asking AGL as my retailer to set up the metering.


why do i now need to go to Ausgrid? I think this is AGL's responsibility


from the Ausgrid site.

"Most customers will need to upgrade their electricity meter as part of a solar installation to capture accurate information for billing. If you need to upgrade your electricity meter, you or your solar installer, should contact your electricity retailer to arrange for appropriate metering to be installed.

Solar power or battery storage system connections in Ausgrid’s network area require bi-directional interval metering. This may mean a change to the customer’s pricing plan and the customer should contact their electricity retailer about what pricing options are available.

From 1 December 2017, under the new national metering rules, Ausgrid no longer provides metering devices to small retail customers with less than 160MWh per annum consumption. Any upgrades to meter must be arranged through your electricity retailer. Read more about the new metering rules here."



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Hi Ed74mnd,


Sorry for the confusion surrounding this, we don't need you to contact the distributor regarding the meter, you do need to ensure they have been advised of the change in your solar system, your installer should have sent the relevant paperwork to them.


As you have indicated above we have confirmed that your meter is already configured for solar, so there are no changes required to the meter. We will need to look into why the site is being estimated, as this should be remotely read. To have this followed up on please get in touch via messenger, so we can investigate this. You can do via the messenger pop up in My Account or the AGL App (select account, then support). 


Kind Regards,