Can I revert to a flat rate tariff?

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Can AGL please return me to the Flat Rate 17c/kWh Plan that I signed up to?

Ausgrid say that AGL are able to offer me the Flat Rate plan that I was originally accepted to and that was advertised by AGL.

Please see last point on Ausgrid Demand Tariff Q&A sheet (link below)

"Can I revert to a flat rate tariff?Your retailer can offer you a flat energy plan. Ausgrid’s flat network tariffs are now closed to new customers in order to help make energy more affordable for the long term." Demand Tariff Q&A sheet for Residential Customers from Ausgrid.

Can AGL please  email me the  reply to this question


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Hi TonyG, thanks for being part of the AGL Community.


As this is an account related enquiry, you'll need to contact us directly here. You can also get in touch with us via AGL Messenger, which you can access via the APP or My Account online.


Kind Regards,


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Dear AGL Manager,                                                             16th December 2020


We were previously with the Amaysim Solar Plan on a Single (Flat Rate) with our smart meter. See attached Amaysim document,

But AGL bought Amaysim and so we transferred our accounts to AGL on an almost identical Solar plan.



Amaysim no longer exists as an Electricity provider, Amaysim has been absorbed by AGL . So effectively we have not changed providers as Amaysim has been taken over by AGL. So effectively we are not a new account, transferring over to AGL from Amaysim.


To that effect, we transferred both our Electricity and Gas to AGL from Amaysim.


The AGL Solar Plan that we were accepted to when we transferred to AGL (See attached AGL document), from Amaysim after Amaysim was taken over by AGL is, this plan is advertised with a Single Rate (Flat Rate) and is almost identical to the old Amaysim Solar Plan.


AGL sent us a new account confirming the accepted us onto this Solar Plan with a Single Rate (Flat Rate), but later changed us to the TOU Tariff...peak, shoulder and off peak Rate . Which is not what we applied for



Copies of all account details are in the attached file. This file shows that AGL accepted the Solar Plan with the flat rate but then changed to a TOU Rate stating that Ausgrid had not sent them the Network Tariff Code for Single Rate (Flat Rate) specific for our smart meter.


Can you change our account back to the Flat rate that we accepted into.








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Hi @TonyG , please be aware that this is a publicly accessible community forum - I've removed all of the personal details from your post for your security.


To have this issue addressed, please get in touch with our support team. You can either log in to your AGL My Account page and click "Message Us" or Contact Us by phone or web chat.